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Women In Science

February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We’re marking this milestone by sharing the voices and perspectives from the women scientists across our Flagship Pioneering ecosystem.

Women in Science: Video 1

  • Alexandra Lantermann, Principal Scientist and Oncology Team Lead, Cygnal Therapeutics
  • Alicia Worthylake, Sr. Research Associate, Repertoire Immune Medicines
  • Ana Cadete, Scientist, Moderna
  • Anjali Sheahan, Invaio Sciences
  • Catherine Sohn, Board Member, Axcella Health and Rubius Therapeutics
  • Jennie Starr, Associate Director, Donor Recruitment, Seres Therapeutics
  • Michka Sharpe, Associate, Flagship Pioneering

Women in Science: Video 2

  • Agamoni Bhattacharyya, Senior Research Associate, Ring Therapeutics
  • Andrea Itano, SVP, Head of Research, Evelo Biosciences
  • Caitlin Spaulding, Senior Scientist, Senda Biosciences
  • Lovisa Afzelius, Origination Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Nancy Simonian, CEO, Syros Pharmaceuticals
  • Pearl Huang, President & CEO, Cygnal Therapeutics
  • Rebekah Griesenauer, Senior Data Scientist, Valo Health

Women in Science: Video 3

  • Katri Sofjan, Senior Associate Scientist, KSQ Therapeutics
  • Margaret Kosmala, Senior Data Scientist, CiBO Technologies
  • Shanu Shah, Principal Process Controls Engineer, Rubius Therapeutics
  • Sydney R. Alnemy, Research Investigator, Molecular Biology, Syros Pharmaceuticals
  • Yasmin J. Cardoza, Research Site Lead, Invaio Sciences

Women in Science: Video 4

  • Amy Hawkins, Lead Software Engineer, CiBO Technologies
  • Del Leistritz-Edwards, Associate Scientist, Repertoire Immune Medicines
  • Jennifer Mahoney, Director, Donor Program, Seres Therapeutics
  • Jennifer Nelson, Vice President, Laronde
  • Katharine von Herrmann, Associate, Flagship Pioneering
  • Kathleen Seyb, Vice President of Research, Ohana Biosciences
  • Laura Nguyen, Principal Scientist, Omega Therapeutics
  • Virginie Buggia-Prevot, Director of Neurology Discovery, Valo Health

Women in Science: Video 5

  • Kerstin Sinkevicius, Associate Director, In Vivo Pharmacology, KSQ Therapeutics
  • Leah McCann, Director of Crop Science, Inari Agriculture
  • Mahima Grover, Research Associate II, Inari Agriculture
  • Nilovna Chatterjee, Scientist-Crop Modeling/Crop Modeler, CiBO Technologies
  • Nisha Rajagopal, Principal Scientist, Syros Pharmaceuticals

Women in Science: Video 6

  • Maegan Hoover , Associate Scientist, Rubius Therapeutics
  • Maitri Trivedi, Senior Research Associate, Translational Science, Ring Therapeutics
  • Martha Rook, Senior VP, Head of CMC & Analytics, Sigilon Therapeutics
  • Molly Gibson, Principal, Flagship Pioneering
  • Theonie Anastassiadis, Senior Associate, Flagship Pioneering

Women in Science: Video 7

  • Chris Coughlin, Chief Medical Officer, Rubius Therapeutics
  • Kristen P. Hopson, Head of Medicines, Generate Biomedicines
  • Kritika Ramani, Senior Scientist, Evelo Biosciences
  • Larissa Arrais, Scientist - Plant Transformation, Inari Agriculture
  • Lauren Moores, Head of Data Sciences Innovation, Montai
  • Vanya Sagar, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sigilon Therapeutics

Women in Science: Video 8

  • Anna Linda Blois, Director, Oncology, Senda Biosciences
  • Deya Corzo, Chief Medical Officer, Sigilon Therapeutics
  • Karen Kieser, Senior Scientist, Seres Therapeutics
  • Ponsi Trivisvavet, CEO, Inari Agriculture
  • Shaivalini Purohit, VP, Program Executive, Rare Diseases, Moderna
  • Vini Mani, Senior Associate, Flagship Pioneering
  • Katie Hughes, Scientist, Bioinformatics, Inzen Therapeutics

Women in Science: Video 9

  • Lindsay Julien, Operations Manager, Cellarity
  • Liyang Daio, Senior Scientist, Seres Therapeutics
  • Louise Cadzow, Senior Director, Head of In Vivo Pharmacology, KSQ Therapeutics
  • Lydia Griffin, Research Associate, Invaio Sciences
  • Virginia Hinshaw, Retired Chancellor, University of Hawaii
  • Yajie Niu, Senior Associate, Flagship Pioneering

Women in Science: Video 10

  • Christine M. McInnis, Senior Scientist, Translational Medicine, Repertoire Immune Medicines
  • Emily Mallick, Head of MOA Discovery, Invaio Sciences
  • Fernanda Cerqueira, Senior Scientist, Montai
  • Hélène Bergès, VP, Director of Research, Inari Agriculture
  • Houda Belaghzal, Senor Scientist, Computational Genomics, Omega Therapeutics
  • Isabelle Sansal, Director of Pharmacology, Ohana Biosciences
  • Niranjana Nagarajan, Head of Immunology and Immuno-oncology, Inzen Therapeutics

Women in Science: Video 11

  • Margaret Koziel, Vice President of Clinical Development, Axcella Health
  • Pranat Chankhamjon, Scientist, Empress
  • Rhoda Brew-Appiah, Plant Transformation and Optimization Scientist, Inari Agriculture
  • Sabrina Haag, Sr. Scientist, Rubius Therapeutics
  • Sabrina Yang, Senior Associate, Flagship Pioneering
  • Samantha Murphy, Research Associate, Inari Agriculture

Women in Science: Video 12

  • Sharon Lin, Associate Principal Scientist, KSQ Therapeutics
  • Supriya Nagarajan, Research Associate- Platform Development Team, Laronde
  • Nell Campbell, Director, Carbon Science & Modeling, Indigo Agriculture
  • Nicole Biosvert, Senior Research Associate, Ring Therapeutics
  • Sarah Seaton, Senior Scientist, Microbial Sourcing and Evaluation, Indigo Agriculture

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