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We are Pioneers.

What sets Flagship apart is our ability to advance biotechnology by uniting life science innovation, company creation, and capital investment under one roof in a way that is largely without precedent. To do that, we bring the greatest scientific minds together with entrepreneurial company builders and assemble the capital to allow them to take courageous leaps.

Our group of exceptional scientists and company builders bring diverse ways of thinking, backgrounds, and skills to their roles and are bound by a culture and process that amplifies individual talents through teamwork and mentorship.

We encourage our teams to dream big and imagine alternative futures without the constraint of reason, and then navigate to transformational outcomes through rigorous science. We harness advances in AI and machine learning with biology and chemistry and innovate in a systematic and institutionalized process that has allowed us to repeatedly make major advances in human health and sustainability and create companies that change the world.

Many of the companies Flagship has founded have addressed humanity’s most urgent challenges: vaccinating billions of people against COVID-19, curing intractable diseases, improving human health, preempting illness, and feeding the world by improving the resiliency and sustainability of agriculture.

If you’re ready to leap boldly, dream big, and change the world, come join us.