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We are Pioneers.

The people who work in the Flagship ecosystem are bright and bold, passionate, dynamic, and driven. We are creative optimists. At Flagship, we collaborate, iterate, tolerate failure, and celebrate successful solutions to big problems. We encourage diversity and debate because we value the freedom to explore unconventional ideas in order to cultivate revolutionary breakthroughs in science and business.

Our culture fosters entrepreneurial scientists who can envision alternative futures.

Flagship Pioneering teams are bound by a noble purpose and vision. We seek to change the world by addressing some of humanity’s most urgent challenges: curing intractable diseases, improving human health, and feeding the world by advancing the resiliency and sustainability of agriculture.

We believe that science and technology, harnessed by entrepreneurial innovation, are powerful forces for good because they improve lives and expand possibilities.

If you want to learn, to be challenged, to grow, and to dedicate your talents to making a positive contribution to an ever-changing world that needs it now more than ever, come join the Flagship Pioneering team.

I’ve always been drawn to the complexity of biology and the potential to find new treatments for disease. As science and technology advance on all fronts, newer and better therapeutic opportunities are becoming possible at an amazing rate. This is what excites me most about our industry.
Peter Fong, Senior Principal