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Scientific breakthroughs can benefit all humanity and scientific advances are increasingly the result of international collaborations that draw on strengths and expertise distributed across the globe. At Flagship, we aim to make bigger leaps that change the world for patients and the planet. This ambition drives us to collaborate with international research centers and global talent, and to mobilize capital from broad sources to fuel novel biotechnology.

That’s why at the end of 2023, Flagship expanded our presence into the UK and Asia with hubs in London and Singapore with the aim of bridging Flagship’s primarily Boston-based ecosystem with these regional life sciences ecosystems to broaden our impact on human health and the health of our planet.

Driven by the UK’s strong commitment to scientific research and development, as well as its regulatory environment that supports a culture of innovation, Flagship has established an office in London, its first outside the United States.

The APAC region is home to premier research centers led by renowned scientists, consolidated massive datasets, large and diverse populations, and pharma, tech, and manufacturing powerhouses. Flagship’s expansion into APAC through our new hub in Singapore is focused on building strategic partnerships across industry, academia, and healthcare systems in countries like Japan, South Korea and Singapore.