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Human Health, Sustainability

Three Questions

This series features short video interviews with Flagship Pioneering's leading scientists, visionaries, and entrepreneurs.

The reach of immunology, following the science, and why optionality means opportunity at Pioneering Medicines: Three questions with Luisa Salter-Cid

Luisa Salter-Cid is the Chief Scientific Officer at Pioneering Medicines.

Transitioning to a more sustainable farming system: Three questions with Ignacio Martinez

Flagship General Partner Ignacio Martinez talks about what drew him to agriculture, and how Flagship companies are bringing about a more sustainable farming system. As he reminds us: there’s no time to waste.

Improving the human condition, from Zambia to Cambridge:
Three questions with Mike Nally

Mike Nally, Flagship Pioneering CEO-Partner and CEO of Generate Biomedicines, shares his passion for biotech, his path to Flagship, and how Generate Biomedicines is poised to change the world of medicine.

Front lines, love at first sight, and revolutionizing medicine:
Three questions with Diego Miralles

CEO-Partner Diego Miralles shares his experience working with HIV patients, his excitement to be at Flagship, and the impact Laronde will have on the world.

Tailwinds, champagne moments, and tackling diabetes:
Three questions with Andy Oh

Flagship’s Senior Partner Andy Oh talks about what brought him to Flagship, what’s ahead for biotech, and his own philanthropic passions.

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