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Flagship Pioneering Letter to Employees on Ukraine

On February 28, 2022 Flagship Pioneering Founder & CEO Noubar Afeyan, Ph.D, shared the following message with Flagship employees on behalf of the senior leadership team.

Dear Flagship Team –

I imagine you are following the horrible, unprovoked attack on Ukraine with alarm and concern. As has been widely reported, Europe has not seen this scale of conflict since 1945, and while some expect it will be over quickly, others fear a long and protracted battle that will increasingly draw in other nations and impact the lives of many. Perhaps most importantly, democratic ideals of freedom and independence are at stake, and when those ideals are threatened anywhere, they are threatened everywhere.

Flagship joins with other life science industry leaders in calling for the strongest possible measures by the international community to condemn and pressure Russia’s leadership to immediately halt these acts of aggression. Now is the time to raise our voices in support of a peaceful resolution to this conflict – and to act. At Flagship, we will be supporting humanitarian organizations working on the ground to help refugees and displaced persons impacted by this crisis.

My own family’s history in Armenia and Lebanon have taught me all too well that war causes casualties well beyond the battlefield, and does damage that is both broadly societal and profoundly personal. Beyond its impact on the present and immediate futures, this damage will have long-lasting effects that rarely factor into the miscalculations of present day leaders. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic served to further divide an already deeply divided world, suffering from challenges of global governance and trust in the institutions so vital to thriving democracies. The loss of life and threat to freedom unfolding in Europe threatens to deepen those divisions further, and compound the unprecedented loss of life unleashed by COVID.

One of Flagship’s strengths is that we are a melting pot: our colleagues hail from dozens of nations across five continents. It is likely, therefore, that many among us bear the added burden of worrying about friends or extended family at risk in this conflict. Let us raise our voices to advance the ideals of liberty and independence in support of our brothers and sisters suffering in the Ukraine.

Noubar Afeyan

on behalf of the Flagship leadership team

Noubar Afeyan, PhD.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Flagship Pioneering

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