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US Patent Allowed for Breakthrough Blood Sampling and Testing Technology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc., (7SBio), a leading developer of blood collection and diagnostic platforms, announced today the receipt of an allowance of another patent application from the United States Patent and Trademark Office in addition to the six US patents 7SBio has already received. This patent is expected to grant by the end of this month. In addition, 7SBio also announced that three allowances have recently been received from the European Patent Office.

The allowed US patent application covers a design that includes an analytical sensor with the TAP device. The three patents allowed in Europe are similar to those previously issued in the US, and cover proprietary packaging, mechanisms for the insertion of micro-needles into the skin, and a safety design whereby a bar code must be scanned to unlock the device before use. These patent allowances continue to build additional protection for 7SBio’s proprietary Touch Activated Phlebotomy (TAP) technology platform.

“We’re very pleased to receive the recent allowance in the US especially as this new patent is the first of many that cover integration of blood collection via TAP with clinical testing capability.” said Howard Weisman, CEO at 7SBio. “With increased migration of care to locations outside of the hospital and the significant rise in consumer interest in understanding and taking action to improve their health status, Seventh Sense is at the forefront of developing innovative new products for blood diagnostic testing when and where desirable.”

With the expected issuance of these patents, the company will have a total of seven (7) US patents and three (3) European patents, among numerous other patents pending worldwide.

About the TAP Touch Activated Phlebotomy ® and TAP Blood Collection Device®

TAP is a proprietary platform that draws capillary blood in a painless, one-step process without having to access a vein, and it can be utilized across and integrated with a broad spectrum of diagnostic applications. The TAP system penetrates the uppermost layers of skin through the use of micro-needles, collects capillary blood using a novel microfluidic extraction process, and stabilizes the blood with anticoagulant if required. The device has a visual indicator to confirm that collection is complete. The TAP platform is designed for fully automated, high throughput manufacturing.

About Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Seventh Sense Biosystems is developing an array of products based on the company's proprietary TAP™ (Touch Activated Phlebotomy) painless blood collection platform. The company’s initial focus is on improving important diagnostic testing at the point of care by reducing the discomfort, anxiety and hassle of blood sample collection. 7SBio receives funding from investors Flagship Venture Partners, Lighthouse Capital Partners, and Polaris Partners. For more information, please visit