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What if…

Every time medical diagnostics required a blood sample it was a single touch away. No pain. No delay.

It turns out…

By simplifying access to diagnostics we can improve the health of both individuals and populations.

Founded as Seventh Sense Biosystems in 2011, YourBio Health has designed and developed TAP™, the world’s first push-button blood collection device. It makes the process simple, convenient, and painless. $50 billion is spent annually on diagnostics and consumers are demanding more from the healthcare system. The company aims to create a new standard for blood collection that increases patient compliance with testing orders, leading to faster diagnoses and better outcomes. Future versions of TAP will be designed to enable patients to collect their own blood anywhere.

Reducing collection costs would be a major contribution to controlling healthcare’s runaway costs. TAP could reduce the cost of sample collection by more than 60 percent.

The World’s First Push-Button Blood Collection Device

At some point, we have all experienced having blood drawn directly from a vein, usually in the crook of the elbow. Gone are the days of tourniquets, large needles, lancets, tubes, and bandages. No more sitting in a waiting room waiting anxiously to have your blood drawn.

Instead, the small device is positioned on a patient’s upper arm and with just a tap, blood is collected. Future versions of TAP will enable patients to collect their own blood anywhere, including in the home.

TAP Specifications

  • FDA cleared, CE Mark
  • Fills in 2-3 minutes
  • 100uL whole blood
  • Lithium heparin, EDTA (IUO)
  • Blood indicator window
  • Single-use - no ability to reuse, needles are secured in device
  • Ability to add future accessories, e.g. connectivity, additive array, sample separation, and dried blood spot

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