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Granted claims include composition of matter on lead products

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Pronutria Biosciences, Inc., which is developing novel oral biologics to restore cellular homeostasis in a range of serious medical conditions, today announced the issuance by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) of US Patent No. 8,809,259 and US Patent No. 8,822,412. The patents claim proteins and methods of their use covering the company's lead product candidates, including PN-107 and PN-340.

The patents carry a term to at least 2033, and specifically claim methods of treatment and prevention of muscle loss in a wide class of sarcopenia and cachexia conditions including anorexia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure and compositions comprising nutritive proteins having high solubility and digestibility, with desired ratios of leucine and other essential amino acids. Corresponding patent applications are pending globally.

"These issuances are important milestones for Pronutria Biosciences as we have now obtained patent protection for many candidates selected from our proprietary platform, including our lead product candidates," said Robert Connelly, CEO of Pronutria Biosciences.

"Our focused strategy to protect our key intellectual property has been validated by these issuances, and demonstrates the tremendous value of our expanding portfolio," said Peter Mueller, Ph.D., President of Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer of Pronutria Biosciences. "We will continue development with the goal of bringing our first-in-class biologics to market to restore cellular homeostasis."

US Patents No. 8,809,259 and 8,822,412 are significant additions to the company's patent portfolio, which includes 19 patent families including over 70 applications, and positions Pronutria Biosciences to be the leader in cellular homeostasis. Pronutria Biosciences is using its platform to rapidly develop a range of oral biologics for important diseases driven by autophagy.

About Pronutria Biosciences

Pronutria Biosciences, Inc. is developing novel oral biologics to restore cellular homeostasis in a range of serious medical conditions. Using a proprietary platform, Pronutria Biosciences is creating oral biologics to address health conditions caused or worsened by imbalances in amino acids that lead to harmful changes in cellular homeostasis. The company's products improve health by activating specific physiologic events that focus on amino acid imbalances and act to restore cellular homeostasis. Founded by the Flagship Ventures innovation foundry, VentureLabs, Pronutria Biosciences has built a proprietary library containing over one billion polypeptides from which it selects candidates delivering amino acids with great precision and reproducibility.For more information, please visit