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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 13, 2016/PRNewswire/-- Evelo Biosciences, the pioneer of Oncobiotic™ Therapies, microbiome-based therapeutics for cancer, is dedicating $1M to award up to 10 grants for joint studies exploring the human microbiome and cancer. Evelo will participate in the National Microbiome Initiative Event, hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on Friday, May 13th.

The event will mark the official launch of the OSTP’s National Microbiome Initiative (NMI). Evelo’s commitment to cancer microbiome studies will be included in an OSTP Fact Sheet of microbiome initiatives. Evelo is the first company to systematically identify, characterize, and understand the biology of cancerassociated bacteria (CAB), providing novel insights into immuno-oncology and cancer metabolism. With this new funding opportunity, collaborators will use multidisciplinary approaches to illuminate how the human microbiome influences cancer susceptibility and progression, adding thousands of new samples to Evelo’s cancer-associated bacteria (CAB) Database.

Evelo will consider proposals for both basic and translational research but favor studies performed in patients, which can be stand-alone or in collaboration with Evelo. Evelo will collaborate with researchers to identify novel therapeutic targets with the potential to be developed into breakthrough microbiome-based cancer therapeutics. During the event, the White House Administration will announce steps to advance the understanding the microbiome and enable protection and restoration of healthy microbiome function.

The event will be webcast live at on Friday, May 13, 2016 from 1:00-4:00PM EDT.

About Evelo Biosciences Evelo Biosciences is dedicated to transforming cancer therapy through a deep understanding of the mechanisms and biology of the cancer microbiome. Evelo is developing Oncobiotic™ therapies, derived from its Bacterial Immune Activator (BIA™) and Cancer Associated Bacteria (CAB) proprietary platforms, designed to disrupt the tumor microenvironment, activate the immune system against tumors and interfere with tumor metabolism. Founded by Flagship VentureLabs® in 2015, Evelo is the world’s first microbiome company focused on the treatment of cancer.

For more information, please visit Media Contact Stefan Riley 617-461-2442