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- Orally delivered monoclonal microbial for the treatment of inflammatory and neuroinflammatory diseases are advancing to clinical trials in 2018

- Evelo Biosciences' worldwide exclusive license includes multiple issued patents covering compositions and methods of use

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Nov. 16, 2017 -- Evelo Biosciences, a biotechnology company pioneering the therapeutic modality of monoclonal microbials, today announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to develop and commercialize monoclonal microbials for the treatment of inflammatory and neuroinflammatory diseases.

Joseph Murray, M.D. and Veena Taneja, Ph.D. of Mayo Clinic published data in Cell in August 2017 and Arthritis and Rheumatology in December 2016 which show that oral administration of a monoclonal microbial suppresses multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis in animal models through modulation of systemic immune responses. In the published studies, the monoclonal microbial, an anaerobic commensal microbe isolated from a human biopsy sample, led to a decrease in activity of Th17 inflammatory cells and an increase in the activity and frequency of regulatory T-cells.

"Our studies show that human derived microbes can be used to treat multiple immunological diseases well beyond the gut," said Joseph Murray, M.D., professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic. "We are pleased to work with Evelo to develop this new class of medicine and to translate these discoveries into therapies."

Under the terms of the agreement, Evelo has a worldwide license to the technology and patent estate developed at Mayo Clinic. The data produced at Mayo and supported by Evelo's proprietary platform technologies has enabled a rapid drug development timeline with the first product candidate entering the clinic in 2018. Multiple issued patents cover compositions and methods of use of the monoclonal microbials.

"This groundbreaking research validates Evelo's central thesis that orally delivered monoclonal microbials can profoundly impact the biologies that underpin devastating diseases across inflammation and oncology," said Andrea Itano, Ph.D., senior vice president, immuno-inflammatory diseases at Evelo. "This license marks Evelo's second collaboration with Mayo Clinic and supports our efforts in bringing monoclonal microbials to patients."

Mayo Clinic, Dr. Joseph Murray and Dr. Veena Taneja have a financial interest in the company and technology referenced in this press release. Revenue Mayo Clinic receives from the activities described in this press release will be used to support its not-for-profit mission in patient care, education and research.

About Evelo Biosciences

Evelo Biosciences is dedicated to improving the lives of patients globally through the development of a new modality of medicines – monoclonal microbials. Monoclonal microbials are orally delivered medicines that modulate systemic immunology and biology through direct interactions with human cells in the gut. These new medicines are broadly applicable across many diseases – including autoimmune, immunoinflammatory, metabolic, neurological, neuroinflammatory diseases and cancer. Monoclonal microbials have the potential to fundamentally change traditional models of drug discovery and development. By finding and selecting naturally occurring monoclonal microbials with defined therapeutic effects, Evelo can improve the speed, cost and success of drug discovery and development. Evelo's platform enables pharmacological intervention at all stages of disease with naturally occurring, safe and effective monoclonal microbials. Evelo Biosciences was conceived and created within VentureLabs®, Flagship Pioneering's institutional innovation foundry, and launched by Flagship in 2015.

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