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BOSTON, Massachusetts — CIBO, the developer of a land intelligence platform that delivers objective, science-driven intelligence about hundreds of millions of acres of farmland, launches its industry-changing solution today. The platform generates proprietary insights for each parcel, and also provides access to publicly available data for farmers, investors, lenders, and other stakeholders in agriculture and the rural land economy.

CIBO’s proprietary insights include land and lease valuation, productivity, stability, and environmental impact for each parcel. Additionally, past and in-season management practices and yields are provided, as well as the impact of various management practices and weather on the future productivity and value of a parcel. Valuation, predicted yield, crops planted, and environmental impact can also be aggregated at a portfolio, county, state, or national level.

Additionally, the platform makes public data, including owner information, tax information, weather, satellite images, and soil maps easily accessible to users. The end result is a platform that will modernize the way stakeholders evaluate farmland.

“The CIBO team has a shared vision of delivering an industry-changing solution that will benefit all stakeholders in the farmland ecosystem by providing objective information about land,” said Daniel Ryan, CIBO’s CEO. “The depth and scale of the information has not been available to individual users, and we are excited about the prospect of enabling new market efficiencies.”

CIBO delivers this information — at the parcel level and at a national scale — without requiring farmer data or user input. CIBO amasses vast amounts of public and private data, and processes it using its proprietary ecosystem simulation, data science and computer vision, supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Users access the platform from a web browser or mobile app, and can search parcels locally or nationally against over 20 criteria, including all the proprietary and public metrics.

Property and financial marketplaces have proven to be valuable disruptors in the residential and commercial real estate markets. The same has not occurred in the land markets, as objective information has not been readily available. Leveraging its proprietary capabilities, CIBO is breaking the code and enabling similar solutions in the agriculture and land markets.

“Flagship Pioneering founded CIBO with the intention of utilizing science and data science to deliver objective information about land at scale, in order to enable market efficiencies for land, related services, and sustainable use,” said Ignacio Martinez, General Partner, Flagship Pioneering. “CIBO’s platform is unique in the industry in being able to deliver on this vision.”

Co-founded by renowned Michigan State University agriculture expert Dr. Bruno Basso, CIBO was built around a core technology based on 30 years of research. This exclusively licensed technology simulates the way plants grow on a daily basis in varied environments.

“As the scientific founder of CIBO, I shared Flagship’s vision and was able to bring the highly proven ecosystem simulation technology from Michigan State as the starting point,” Professor Basso said. “CIBO has invested heavily in scaling this technology and making deep science consumable by all users.”

The platform also provides deep insight into the environmental effects of farming, calculating impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions, nitrate leaching, and carbon accumulation in the soil over time. The platform creates a quantified sustainability footprint for each parcel, encouraging regenerative agricultural practices that result in both economic benefit and the greater social good.

CIBO plans to provide an objective view of all land across the United States. Every parcel — everywhere. Explore it at

About CIBO:
Founded by Flagship Pioneering, CIBO is delivering objective, science-driven intelligence about land at the parcel level, at a national scale and without requiring farmer data. This information will drive efficiencies in land and related markets by connecting participants to objective information and to each other.

CIBO’s insights include land and lease valuation, productivity, stability, environmental impact, yield forecast, and future states of land. Parcels can be searched locally or nationally against over 20 criteria.

Property and financial marketplaces have proven to be valuable disruptors in the residential and commercial real estate markets. Leveraging our proprietary capabilities, CIBO is breaking the code and bringing similar solutions to the ag and land markets.