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What if…

Epigenetics worked through a universal system and we could interrogate that system and therapeutically intervene to control gene expression?

It turns out…

Nature has organized genes and their regulatory elements in conserved 3D structures called Insulated Genomic Domains (IGDs). This is nature’s universal operating system for genomic control, which Omega has therapeutically harnessed, through epigenomic programming™, to create a new class of therapeutics, epigenomic controllers™. Omega’s breakthrough science has enabled them to tap into this universal operating system for genomic control to systematically address and target the most fundamental genomic processes which fuel cellular growth, differentiation and gene expression.

About Omega Epigenomic Controllers™ and Epigenomic Programming™

Omega Therapeutics is developing novel engineered and modular therapeutics, called Omega Epigenomic Controllers, that are designed to target with high specificity and downregulate or upregulate the level of expression of any of the 25,000+ human genes, individually or collectively, with controlled durability, to treat and potentially cure disease. The foundation of Omega's platform lies within the three-dimensional architecture of the human genome and its accompanying regulators, which are organized into distinct and conserved structures called Insulated Genomic Domains (IGDs). Omega's technology exploits the topology and functionality of these IGDs as druggable targets to activate the genome's innate ability to treat and cure disease. Omega's medicines are being developed to be dosed only as frequently as therapeutically necessary by intervening at the pre-transcriptional level and function without altering the native human genetic code or nucleic acid sequences.

About Omega Therapeutics

Omega Therapeutics is a privately-held, development-stage biotechnology company pioneering the field of Epigenomic Programming™ to precisely regulate and control the human genome to treat and cure disease. Omega's breakthrough science has enabled it to tap into nature's universal operating system, that epigenetically controls the human genome, to target the most fundamental genomic processes which fuel cellular growth, differentiation, and gene expression. Omega Therapeutics was founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2017 and currently has eight programs in various stages of preclinical development. The Company is strategically pursuing specific disease targets that have not been successfully addressed through conventional modalities, including certain oncology indications, liver disease, serious inflammatory conditions, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), among others. Omega's mission is to transform medicine and deliver the therapies of tomorrow.

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