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Ewen Cameron


Ewen Cameron joined Flagship Pioneering in 2016 after completing the firm's Fellows program. He works closely with Flagship’s partners as part of a venture creation team to explore areas of opportunity, create new science and launch breakthrough companies. Prior to joining Flagship, Ewen was a postdoctoral fellow in Jim Collins’ lab at MIT’s Institute of Medical Engineering and Science, where he used protein engineering to develop synthetic biology tools for antibiotic discovery and in vivo pathogen detection.

Ewen earned his doctorate in microbiology and molecular genetics from Harvard University, where he developed high throughput screening platforms to study bacterial pathogenesis. He also spent time working in Africa with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, studying the transmission routes and immunopathology of blinding trachoma.

Throughout his academic career, Ewen has received multiple awards and fellowships, and he is an author on several pending patents for his work on tunable protein degradation, chimeric receptor engineering and microbial kill switches. Ewen holds an undergraduate degree from Yale University in molecular, cellular and developmental biology.