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Nicholas Plugis

Senior Associate

Nicholas Plugis joined Flagship Pioneering as an associate after completing the firm's Fellows Program. At Flagship, Nicholas conducts explorations to discover unexplored biological mechanisms and new biotechnologies. As part of a team of entrepreneurial scientists, he develops the science, intellectual property and business strategy that form the foundation of breakthrough startups.

Prior to joining Flagship Pioneering, Nicholas earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at Stanford University in the laboratory of Professor Chaitan Khosla, where he developed novel chemical tools and animal models to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying celiac disease. During his graduate studies, Nicholas completed the Stanford Ignite Program at the Graduate School of Business; he and his team developed the commercialization strategy for a Stanford-based medical diagnostic startup. Nicholas also served as vice president of SCIMALS, a non-profit organization that provides scientific and market due diligence to early-stage life science investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Nicholas received his B.A. in both chemistry and economics from Middlebury College, conducting research with Professor Jim Larrabee on the reaction mechanisms of metal-containing enzymes utilizing inorganic electron microscopy.