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Erica Weinstein

Senior Associate

Erica Weinstein joined Flagship Pioneering in 2015 after completing the firm's Fellows program. At Flagship, Erica works as part of a team of entrepreneurial scientists exploring innovative ideas and developing the science, intellectual property, and business strategy that form the foundation of breakthrough startups.

Before joining Flagship, Erica earned her doctorate in biomedical sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Completing her doctoral research in the lab of Dr. Konstantina Alexandropoulos, Erica studied the emerging role of the microbiome in autoimmune disease development. During her studies, Erica was the recipient of the Helmsley Charitable Trust Fellowship and the Levine Foundation Fellowship Awards. She is an author on numerous academic publications. Erica also earned a business certificate from the Dartmouth College Tuck Business Bridge Program.

While a graduate student, Erica participated in a problem-based learning forum to explore healthcare-driven disruptive technologies through the Mount Sinai Institute of Technology. As the co-developer of a low technology, high impact prototype to reduce preterm mortality and morbidity in developing countries, Erica’s team partnered with a global non-profit organization to secure startup funding to increase access to this life saving intervention.

Erica received her B.S. in biology and minor in global health, culture and society from Emory University. During her undergraduate work, Erica evaluated progress made to achieve access-to-medicine goals on the use of Emory developed HIV/AIDS drug, emtricitabine, in collaboration with the Emory University Office of Technology Transfer. She spent her summers conducting research and developing new technologies for flow cytometry under the mentorship of Dr. Jonni S. Moore at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Resource Laboratory.