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Tao Fang

Senior Associate

Tao Fang, a 2018 Flagship Pioneering Fellow, joined Flagship Pioneering as a Senior Associate in 2022, and works with a team of entrepreneurial scientists to drive venture creation and advance Flagship’s next-generation, multi-product bioplatform companies.

Tao has diverse experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. He was a business development consultant at Simcere Pharmaceutical Group where he evaluated licensing and strategic investment opportunities. He co-founded Cerberus Therapeutics, a nascent biotech company working on immune modulations, and was a protein engineer developing molecular switches at Eli Lilly & Co. Prior to joining Flagship, Tao was a senior scientist at Repertoire Immune Medicines, a Flagship-founded company, where he developed methods for ex vivo T-cell priming with increasing therapeutically relevant reactivities.

Tao earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Georgia and completed his postdoc training at The Whitehead Institute as a National Cancer Institute Fellow. His research focused on the development of (bio)chemical tools to modulate and visualize immunity. Tao has contributed to multiple high-impact publications, including Nature Methods, JACS, PNAS. He is an inventor of three patents and an imaging method he developed was highlighted by the BRAIN Initiative 2.0 as a foundation method.