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Simba Gill

Advisor Partner

Simba Gill joined Flagship Pioneering in 2015 and focuses on providing strategic counsel and support to portfolio companies. He also leads Evelo Biosciences, a company created in Flagship Labs that uses the microbiome to defeat cancer, as president and chief executive officer. Prior to joining Evelo, Simba was CEO and president of moksha8, a leading Latin American pharmaceutical company focused on central nervous system disorders. He has a long track record of identifying new technologies and geographies for high-growth business opportunities. moksha8 was founded in 2006 while Simba was an entrepreneur in residence at Texas Pacific Group, now TPG Capital, a major private equity investor. While at moksha8, he founded a biosimilar antibody company called fourteen22.

Prior to joining TPG, Simba was president of Maxygen, a pioneer in directed molecular evolution technologies for pharmaceutical, chemical and agricultural products. Before joining Maxygen, Simba led corporate development in the world’s first stem cell company, Systemix. Earlier, he was global marketing director at Boehringer Mannheim, acquired in 1997 by Roche. Simba began his career at Celltech, focused on antibody research. Dr. Gill earned his Ph.D. from King’s College, London and his MBA from INSEAD.