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Marcello Damiani

Senior Partner

Marcello Damiani is a Senior Partner at Flagship Pioneering primarily responsible for guiding and supporting Flagship and its ecosystem companies on digital and IT strategy and operations.

Marcello has over 25 years of experience in the tech, life science, and aerospace industries. He was previously the Chief Digital and Operational Excellence Officer at Flagship-founded Moderna where he developed and led a digitization strategy using cutting edge technologies such as robotics, automation cloud computing, and artificial intelligence/machine learning in support of the company’s transition from preclinical through to commercial therapeutics. Prior to joining Moderna, he conceived and built technology solutions to help solve business and science challenges, first as a software engineer for aerospace companies then as a leader at Motorola and at bioMérieux.

Marcello sits on the board of Cellarity, a Flagship-founded company. He received his MS in Information and Communication Systems Architecture from the University of Toulouse in France, and an Executive MBA through TRIUM, an alliance of three universities: the London School of Economics, New York University’s Stern Business School, and the HEC School of Management in Paris.