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Daniel Acker


At Flagship Pioneering, Dan works in venture creation at the intersection of computational and experimental biology. He is involved in the conception and development of start-ups at various stages within the Flagship ecosystem.

Dan earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Brandeis University in the laboratory of Suzanne Paradis, where he studied structural synaptic plasticity, using molecular biology and electrophysiology to develop a novel therapeutic approach for epilepsy and used computational modeling to explore the effects of synaptic rewiring on memory. He also completed fellowships with Insight Data Science and NSF I-Corps. Prior to joining Flagship, Dan worked as a data scientist at Repertoire Immune Medicines where he led a modeling group and designed statistical methods and data pipelines to decode T cell receptor specificity.

In addition to his Ph.D., Dan holds a dual B.S. with distinction in research in Biological Sciences and Animal Science from Cornell University. His undergraduate research focused on transposon translocation, which was conducted in the laboratory of Joseph Peters.