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New FMT 1500™ and FMT 2500™ LX Models Launched to Meet Global Demand for FMT-enabled True Quantification in Fluorescence in vivo Imaging

BEDFORD, MA (September 23, 2009): VisEn Medical Inc., a leader in fluorescence in vivo imaging from research through medicine, announced the launch and availability of a new Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) imaging system - - the FMT 1500, and an advanced version of its FMT 2500, the FMT 2500 LX. The FMT 2500 LX offers more imaging channels, greater functionality, increased imaging speeds and a broader range of application areas than previously available. Both the FMT 1500 and FMT 2500 LX are based on VisEn’s FMT Quantitative Tomographic Imaging platform and both enable unparalleled true quantification of in vivo biomarkers for measuring disease progression and therapeutic efficacy in research and drug development. The announcement was made during the World Molecular Imaging Congress Annual Meeting, being held September 23 – 25, 2009 in Montreal.

About the New Products

The FMT 1500 offers FMT-enabled quantitative tomography in two fluorescence imaging channels, and is designed for small to mid-sized research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies who can benefit from state-of-the-art imaging quantification of biological targets in vivo. The FMT 1500 is also designed to be upgradeable to the FMT 2500 LX.

The FMT 2500 LX is the premier fluorescence tomographic imaging system designed for leading translational research centers and pharmaceutical sites. The advanced system offers four fluorescence imaging channels for advanced biomarker multiplexing; a series of multi-modality adaptors for integrated multi-modality imaging; and the TrueQuant suite of image analysis software. The FMT 2500 LX also includes VisEn’s new Fast Reconstruction module for faster imaging times and expanded whole-body imaging applications.

“This expanded FMT product line will enable a broader range of researchers and pharmaceutical companies to benefit from the leading fluorescence tomographic in vivo imaging platform while selecting the model most appropriate for their unique needs and applications,” said Kirtland Poss, President and CEO of VisEn. “To address a key trend in translational research today, all VisEn FMT systems are based on high performance open standards. These standards enable quantitative in vivo FMT data to be validated and integrated with results from a range of in vitro biologic readouts and other imaging modalities.”

The VisEn FMT platform enables researchers to rapidly and easily generate quantitative tomographic data on disease biomarkers in vivo through three key steps: data generation through raster-scanning lasers; data normalization to account for in vivo tissues and imaging parameters; and FMT-driven image reconstruction for data extraction, analysis and integration. All FMT systems are designed to work with VisEn’s broad portfolio of fluorescence in vivo imaging agents. All VisEn FMT systems offer multiplexed imaging capabilities so users can simultaneously measure, monitor, and compare multiple in vivo biologic targets, pathways or processes. Find out more about both the FMT 1500 and the expanded FMT 2500 LX System at VisEn’s Booth #118 at WMIC 2009 in Montreal, or at

About VisEn Medical

VisEn’s in vivo fluorescence imaging technologies, including its Fluorescence Agent Portfolio and its Fluorescence Molecular Tomographic (FMTTM) Imaging Systems provide robust fluorescence molecular imaging performance in identifying, characterizing and quantifying ranges of disease biomarkers and therapeutic efficacy in vivo. VisEn’s FMT systems and agents are used by leading research institutions and pharmaceutical companies in applications including cancer research, inflammation, cardiovascular, skeletal and pulmonary disease. The Company also works with large pharmaceutical partners to design ranges of tailored molecular imaging agents and applications that are designed to their specific pre-clinical and clinical research areas.

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