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GE and the NFL award Quanterix with $500,000 grant to fund advancements in measuring the long-term effects of brain injury in athletes using its Simoa technology

LEXINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quanterix Corporation, a leader in high definition diagnostics, delivering ultrasensitive single molecule measurement for the benefit of human health, today announced it was named a final winner of GE and the NFL’s Head Health Challenge I’s phase two grant. There were six final award winners of the up to $10 million Head Health Challenge I award, who were selected from an initial group of 16 challenge winners and more than 400 entries from 27 countries. Each submission was reviewed and nominated by a panel of leading healthcare experts in brain research. This second award of $500,000 provides funding to help the Company further advance development of neurological tests to quickly diagnose traumatic brain injuries through its ultra-sensitive Simoa™ technology that measures molecular signatures (biomarkers) of brain injury in blood.

“GE and the NFL have recognized the pressing need to better understand and diagnose mild traumatic brain injury, and we’re honored to be named a winner and partner in this prestigious initiative,” said Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO and Executive Chairman, Quanterix. “Our Simoa technology is truly revolutionary as nobody thought that biomarkers associated with brain injury would be something you could find by conducting a simple blood test; however, we are able to not only detect these minute proteins but, for the first time, quantify the severity of the trauma. As we take our research further, we will be looking to develop a multiplex panel consisting of at least four biomarkers to develop a sensitive and specific point of care test for game time assessment of concussion impact, whether on or off the sports field.”

The goal of the Head Health Challenge is to improve the safety of athletes, members of the military and society overall. With this award, GE and the NFL have selected Quanterix, yet again, for its continued work in advancing the detection and management of mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries. In January 2014, Quanterix was awarded $300,000 from the first phase of the Head Health Challenge, which they used to identify useful biomarkers to better predict the long-term prognosis of individuals who have undergone acute and repetitive injuries. With this grant, Quanterix plans to continue innovation with its Simoa technology to further its research in neurology, developing a simple low-cost point of care testing device that would run a multiplex panel of key biomarkers to better detect and accurately diagnose neurological injuries.

“When you can quantify the very specific, scientific impact of traumatic brain injury, it’ll allow us to better pin point when there are issues and when there aren’t, letting progressive organizations, like the NFL and GE, to redirect a lot of funding and investment used to prevent these injuries. We hope to continue our relationship with both parties in order to reach this industry-wide goal,” continued Hrusovsky.

“We are truly impressed by the quality of the work and the measurable progress being made by these winning organizations,” said Alan Gilbert, director health policy, government and community strategy for GE Healthymagination. “There are a number of breakthrough ideas that are advancing our understanding of the brain and have applications not only on the playing field but also extend to neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.”

Jeff Miller, NFL senior vice president of health and safety policy said, “It’s exciting to witness the breakthroughs accomplished by the winners. Their efforts will truly advance the science around brain injury. We look forward to continuing to support this work and benefiting not only football and other sports, but society more broadly.”

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About The National Football League

Throughout its history, the NFL has made the health and safety of its players a priority. This commitment extends to football played at all ages, as well as other sports. At the youth level, the NFL’s partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the League’s support for USA Football, including prominently their Heads Up Football initiative, helps parents, coaches, clinicians and athletes understand the signs and symptoms of possible head injuries. The league has successfully advocated for the passage of youth concussion laws in 42 states thus far. Through funding for medical studies, including a $30 million grant to the National Institutes of Health for medical research; collaboration with the military on research and recognizing and reporting potential head injuries; and the work of the NFL’s medical committees, the NFL is committed to supporting and advancing science that will have an impact far beyond football. With a continued emphasis on improved equipment, rules changes, and in-game policies, the NFL fosters a culture that promotes health and safety at every level of the game.

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Quanterix is a developer of ground-breaking tools in high definition diagnostics. Its Simoa platform uses single molecule measurements to access previously undetectable proteins. With this unprecedented sensitivity and full automation, Simoa offers significant benefits to both research and clinical testing applications. Quanterix was established in 2007 and is located in Lexington, Massachusetts. To learn more about Quanterix and Simoa, please visit: