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BILLERICA, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quanterix Corporation (NASDAQ:QTRX), a company digitizing biomarker analysis with the goal of advancing the science of precision health, today announced that Kevin Hrusovsky, Chairman and CEO of Quanterix, and Founder of Powering Precision Health (PPH), has been recognized with the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Award in the New England region by EY. The award acknowledges Hrusovsky’s achievements in healthcare technology innovation, Quanterix’ outstanding financial performance, and his personal commitment to improving precision health.

“We are honored to be recognized by EY,” said Hrusovsky. “This recognition is a testament to just how committed, passionate and capable our team is in their pursuit of a big idea to disrupt healthcare with digital biomarker innovations. We consider our team to be Quanterix employees and their families as well as our customers, investors, partners, patient advocates and key opinion leaders from the medical community. This team assembles each year at our PPH think tank forum to advance precision health using non-invasive biomarker innovations. These innovations promise to enable disease to be detected earlier, before symptoms present, making treatments safer and more effective. The focus is on cancer and neurodegeneration, two of the most devastating disease categories. They are also pioneering next-generation drug development and patient monitoring strategies, increasing the probability that drugs get approved. The longer-term goal is to use biomarkers to help prevent disease from ever triggering in the first place. We are honored to be part of this movement and thank this team for their progress and potential positive impact on society.”

Hrusovsky has a more than 25-year-long track record commercializing disruptive technologies in the life science industry. His impressive career is punctuated by a unique leadership style marked by teamwork, transparency, passion, and greater purpose. As a healthcare visionary, Hrusovsky is dedicated to the cause of transforming medicine from reactive “sick care” to preventative and personalized healthcare. He is leading the charge to establish a new paradigm for healthy living based on peer-reviewed science that addresses the continuum from health to disease at the molecular structure level in the human body.

Since joining Quanterix five years ago, Hrusovsky has been instrumental in building a strong team, culture for disruptive innovation and a sense of common strategic purpose while raising $200 million, investing in new products and rapidly expanding the company into a high growth leader in the emerging field of non-invasive digital biomarker innovations. The company has gone from a small pre-revenue private company to a successful public entity, today employing nearly 300 personnel and completing two acquisitions in the past 18 months. The company has been recognized for its many contributions to precision health. A key focus has been to validate these disruptive innovations by working closely with medical thought leaders and putting the “science first.” Under Hrusovsky, Quanterix technology has been utilized in over 500 third party, peer-reviewed publications and over 700 drug trials, while 19 out of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies utilize the company’s products and services, establishing strong commercial and technical validation.

“Kevin's passion and genuine focus on powering precision health has been front and center in all my interactions with him and his team over the last five years. His commitment to making disruptive technology available to support our research at the University of Gothenburg and at University College London has been of great value to us,” said Dr. Henrik Zetterberg, Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. “As we look to deepen our biomarker collaborations with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, we turned to Kevin first and he has been extremely supportive.”

Hrusovsky serves (or has served) on several innovative technology company boards, including BioIVT, Cell Signaling Technology, 908 Devices, Cellaria, SeraCare, Caliper Life Sciences, Synap Dx, Xenogen and Solect Energy. He is committed to education, serving on several educational and advisory committees and was recently awarded The Ohio State University’s Innovation and Entrepreneur of the year award.

Kosta Tiglianidis, Warehouse associate at Quanterix, accepted the award on behalf of Hrusovsky, who was unable to attend due to the recent acquisition of UmanDiagnostics. In his remarks, Tiglianidis stated: “It is a tremendous honor to accept this award on behalf of Kevin, on behalf of the movement that is Powering Precision Health, and on behalf of the entire ecosystem that supports Quanterix across patients, our customers, our employees, their families, and our investors. He inspires us not only as a whole company, but as individuals to be the best versions of ourselves. This award is for every individual sharing our dream in preventative healthcare so we can live in a world where one day we conquer disease.”

Tiglianidis accepted alongside many other top performing colleagues and partners representing the larger team effort responsible for this award:


Dan Becker, Quanterix
Devin Chaganis, Quanterix
Amol Chaubal, Quanterix
Wendy Cirillo, Quanterix
John Fry, Quanterix
Emily Gorski, Quanterix
Haley Hewett, Quanterix
Amanda Kurban, Quanterix
Laurel Provencher, PhD, Quanterix
Christina Raso, Quanterix
Dandan Shan, PhD, Quanterix
Patti Stadler, PhD, Quanterix
Linan Song, PhD, Quanterix
Danielle Svancara, Quanterix
Kosta Tiglianidis Quanterix
Scott VanArsdell, PhD, Quanterix
Kristin Keating, EY
Nikki Festa O’Brien, PAN Communications

“We are fortunate to have assembled one of the strongest teams and cultures in the world, driven each day by their relentless pursuit to take down some of the most lethal diseases afflicting mankind,” continued Hrusovsky. “We give our thanks to this impressive group.”

Widely considered one of the most prestigious business awards programs in the U.S., EY recognizes entrepreneurs and leaders of high-growth companies who are excelling in areas such as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities, while providing transformative technology solutions. The winners were selected by an independent panel of judges and announced during an awards gala on June 26, 2019 at the Westin Waterfront in Boston, Mass.

About Entrepreneur Of The Year®

Entrepreneur Of The Year®, founded by EY, is the world’s most prestigious business awards program for entrepreneurs. The program makes a difference through the way it encourages entrepreneurial activity among those with potential and recognizes the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement. As the first and only truly global awards program of its kind, Entrepreneur Of The Year celebrates those who are building and leading successful, growing and dynamic businesses, recognizing them through regional, national and global awards programs in more than 145 cities and more than 60 countries.

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Quanterix is a company that’s digitizing biomarker analysis with the goal of advancing the science of precision health. The company’s digital health solution, Simoa, has the potential to change the way in which healthcare is provided today by giving researchers the ability to closely examine the continuum from health to disease. Quanterix’ technology is designed to enable much earlier disease detection, better prognoses and enhanced treatment methods to improve the quality of life and longevity of the population for generations to come. The technology is currently being used for research applications in several therapeutic areas, including oncology, neurology, cardiology, inflammation and infectious disease. The company was established in 2007 and is located in Billerica, Massachusetts. For additional Information, please visit:

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