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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Genstruct Inc., a biotechnology company that develops computable biological models to determine compound mechanisms of action and identify biomarkers for drug discovery and development, today announced the appointment of William M. Ladd, Ph.D. as Vice President - Discovery Systems. Dr. Ladd will lead development of the company's Molecular Epistemics(TM) Platform and Global Knowledge Repository.

William M. Ladd has over 18 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, most recently leading Analytic and Life Science Product Strategy as Senior Director of Analytic Applications at Spotfire. Prior to Spotfire, Dr. Ladd was the Director of Bioinformatics Methods at Gene Logic and led the statistical analysis efforts of the Biological Data department at Merck.

"I am delighted to be working with Bill again. His vision and leadership were vital to successful technology development at several leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical and software development companies -- ideal experience to lead our Discovery Systems team," said Keith O. Elliston, Ph.D., President and CEO of Genstruct. "Bill will contribute unique experience and expertise that are critical for our technology platform development and that will, I believe, enable Genstruct to reach its commercialization goals more quickly and effectively."

Genstruct deploys its Molecular Epistemics discovery platform independently and in partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to streamline drug discovery and improve clinical trial design and implementation. The platform is designed to build logical models of biological systems that uncover and define compound mechanisms of action and disease mechanisms. To date, Genstruct has focused primarily on diseases areas of oncology, metabolic disorders, and inflammation. The company believes that the identification of disease compound mechanisms and Type I biomarkers in these areas will ultimately lead to better target choices, optimal clinical trial design and execution, and faster FDA product approval.

About Genstruct

Founded in 2001, Genstruct is a therapeutic mechanism discovery company that has developed a platform for compound mechanism of action (MOA) and biomarker discovery called Molecular Epistemics(TM). This platform is comprised of two core technologies that enable the modeling and analysis of compound MOA -- Knowledge Assembly(TM) and the Epistemics Engine(TM). Genstruct is developing discovery and development partnerships that apply Molecular Epistemics to accelerate discovery and approval and increase the output of drug discovery and development programs. The Company was co-founded by Flagship Ventures, based in Cambridge, MA. For more information visit