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When do conflict-of-interest rules cross the line between helping protect both parties in a collaboration to harming the ability to make meaningful scientific discoveries? The academia/industry interface can and does yield many biopharmaceutical breakthroughs, yet “overly extreme” policies can make it challenging to build progressive, productive partnerships.

Flagship Pioneering Chief Medical Officer Michael Rosenblatt, M.D. has co-written an online article for the Harvard Business Review with Sachin Jain, the CEO of CareMoreHealth, on conflict-of-interest rules and their impact on biopharmaceutical breakthroughs.

“It is time for all parties to revisit those [conflict of interest] policies and replace them with rules that recognize both true conflicts and true confluences of interest,” the authors write in the article. “They are essential to forging the strong collaborations that are worthy of society’s trust.”

Why we need productive, progressive relationships between clinical medicine and the biopharmaceutical industry

— Harvard Biz Review (@HarvardBiz) June 9, 2017

Read the full article on the Harvard Business Review’s website.