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LEXINGTON, MA - June 17, 2004 - e-Dialog, the precision e-mail marketing innovator, today announced that they are aggressively beta testing their solutions that comply with Sender-ID authentication technologies and expect to be in full release in the next few weeks. Sender-ID is the combined technologies of founder Meng Weng Wong's SPF and Microsoft's Caller-ID programs. e-Dialog has adopted these solutions to ensure maximum deliverability for our clients and to help the industry continue its fight against fraudulent e-mail. "Last year we fought SPAM with legislation, this year we'll fight it with technology" said Rick Buck, Director Privacy/ISP Relations at e-Dialog.

The combined technologies are designed to prevent "spoofing" and "phishing," or the deceptive representation of the e-mail sender's identity; which has become one of the biggest challenges for ISP's, and legitimate marketers today. A recent study by the Anti-Phishing Working Group stated that 1,125 new phishing attacks were reported to the APWG in April 2004, a 180% increase over the previous month. According to the APWG attacks have been growing at 110% per month over the past 6 months.

Authentication and verification technologies like Sender-ID ensure accountability by requiring senders to publish their Domain Name System (DNS) records to disclose who they are. If the DNS record of the actual sending server does not match up with the displayed sender, the mail is considered fraudulent and may be filtered or blocked by an ISP. "ISP's have a huge challenge in separating the good guys from the bad guys" said John Rizzi, President and CEO of e-Dialog. "Authentication systems will severely curtail the bad guys from hiding behind false identities and filling e-mail boxes with spam. We support the emerging industry standards being developed today."

"We commend e-Dialog for helping to support the SPF protocol by publishing the DNS records of their servers" said Carl Hutzler, Director, AntiSpam Operations, AOL. "Our hope is that all responsible mailers will follow suit and help speed adoption of identity technologies like SPF."

"Authenticating e-mail is a critical step towards eradicating spam" said Trevor Hughes, Executive Director of the NAI E-mail Service Provider Coalition. "e-Dialog should be applauded for leading the move towards greater accountability in e-mail."

About e-Dialog

e-Dialog is the innovator in precision e-mail marketing services and technology that help companies establish powerful, two-way relationships with their customers and prospects. From offices in Lexington, Massachusetts, Los Angeles and London, e-Dialog's team of experienced direct marketers manages every phase of an e-mail marketing program, including strategic planning and creative design, list acquisition, campaign execution, inbound response management, and data analysis. The company's precision-based approach takes permission marketing to the next level, combining award-winning e-mail marketing expertise with responsible use of proprietary personalization and custom publishing technologies to deliver highly targeted communications for world-class e-Dialog clients. Investors include Flagship Ventures, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, and the Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE: IPG). For more information, visit

About the E-mail Service Provider Coalition:

The E-mail Service Provider Coalition (ESPC) was formed in November 2002 to fight spam while protecting the delivery of legitimate e-mail. The ESPC is comprised of 48 members including e-Dialog. The ESPC is currently working on solutions to spam and deliverability concerns through a combination of legislative advocacy, technological development, and industry standards. Its flagship initiative, Project Lumos, is an industry-authored solution to the spam problem. For more information on ESPC, please visit

For more information, visit or contact Rick Buck at 781-372-3317.