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Branford, Conn.-based Cellular Genomics Inc. today announced that the European Patent Office has granted the company a patent that covers general methods for discovering enzyme inhibitors, as well as methods and compositions of a class of specific inhibitors of protein kinases, a major class of drug targets.
CGI was granted a U.S. patent for the same technology in May 2002.

CGI's approach is based on the discovery of Analog Sensitive Kinase Alleles (ASKAs). ASKAs are genetically modified kinases that retain all the functions of normal kinases, but whose functions can be stopped with great exactness by using proprietary small molecule analog inhibitors.

Cellular Genomics holds the exclusive worldwide license to this chemical genetics technology.

"This additional patent for our proprietary kinase technology helps to secure our commercial position in both the key U.S. and European markets," said Dr. Louis Matis, president and chief executive officer of Cellular Genomics, in a statement. "Over the past 12 months, we have been very active with partnering efforts for our core technology, establishing research collaborations with major pharmaceutical and biotech companies such as Pfizer Inc, Serono S.A. and Schering AG."