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What if… We were able to transform drug discovery into a dramatically more efficient, less expensive, and more precise process?
It turns out… We can generate uniquely powerful insights into disease biology by leveraging CRISPR-based technologies in new and creative ways.

KSQ Therapeutics is a privately-held drug discovery company pioneering precision functional genomics technology to systematically identify, at the whole genome-scale, functionally-validated, novel drug targets for the development of breakthrough medicines. The company has initially focused on the fields of immuno-oncology and precision targeted oncology, but its platform can be extended to additional therapeutic areas to develop novel drug candidates.


KSQ’s unique advantage stems from its proprietary CRISPRomics platform that enables an industrialized and genome-wide approach to define the precise functional role of each human gene in a multitude of disease states—including the immune compartment—with unprecedented speed and certainty. This unique methodology enables KSQ to focus on the development of novel small and large molecule NME drug candidates that have maximal potential for transformational patient outcomes.

KSQ has applied its validated genome-scale platform to ~600 cancer and immune models. Based on these insights, the company has so far identified and validated an initial set of nodal targets with strong biological rationales in the areas of immuno-oncology and oncology. In the past 12 months, KSQ has initiated and advanced 12 drug discovery programs across three oncology drug categories: adoptive T-cell therapies, immuno-oncology, and targeted therapies. The company is driving the translational process for several of these targets towards development candidates. In addition, KSQ is continuing to expand CRISPRomics for use in other therapeutic areas, including immunology and rare diseases.

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