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Sebastian Trousil

Senior Associate

Sebastian Trousil is a senior associate at Flagship Pioneering, working as part of a team of entrepreneurial scientists to conceive, create, resource and develop the next generation of Flagship’s first-in-category startups, as well as to fund promising early-stage companies. He joined the firm after completing the firm's Fellows program.

Before joining Flagship, Sebastian completed his postdoctoral research as a fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Bin Zheng at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital. While at Harvard/MGH, he initiated and led multiple melanoma research projects focusing on novel therapies, therapy resistance, tumor metabolism and immune-oncology. He is the recipient of the prestigious MGH Tosteson Fellowship. Prior to his postdoctoral work, Sebastian completed his Ph.D. in cancer pharmacology at Imperial College London in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Aboagye, where he developed novel cancer drugs and molecular imaging modalities. One molecule he developed at Imperial College London has progressed into clinical trials. Additionally, Sebastian is a founding member of Humon, a tech startup where he designed a wearable muscle oxygen sensor for athletes. Humon has been featured in TechCrunch, WIRED, Runner’s World, Forbes and others.

Sebastian holds a master’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Vienna in Austria, has published more than 10 publications— including articles in top-tier journals such as Nature Medicine and Molecular Cell—and holds multiple patents.