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Armaghan "Rumi" Naik

Operating Partner

Armaghan “Rumi” Naik joined Flagship Pioneering in 2021 as an Operating Partner working with a number of Flagship companies to increase value creation and drive operational and strategic initiatives. Rumi brings deep expertise in developing computer-assisted methods for identifying and exploiting economies of scope in organizations, industries, and sciences.

Prior to joining Flagship, Rumi was an AVP of R&D and Scientific Digital Head at Sanofi Pasteur. While there, he developed and executed Sanofi Pasteur’s R&D digital transformation strategy. The scientific arm of the strategy centered around identifying and hiring diverse computational & business science talent (the "Bobcats"), attacking high profile challenges for vaccine design across the portfolio, and producing what is believed to be the first ever machine learning designed vaccine antigen candidates assessed in the clinic. On the business transformation front, Rumi also conceived and led campaigns to quantitatively assess the performance of vaccine R&D, and rally the organization for durable organizational improvements.

Rumi worked previously at Intel Corporation in pre-silicon validation teams in both Portland, OR and Hudson, MA where he specialized in writing machine-checked formal proofs of correctness of control and datapath circuits from Pentium 4s (130nm and later) and several server processors (Core i7 Beckton, Itanium Tukwila and Poulson). His Ph.D. work, with Dr. Robert F. Murphy, focused on problems in the automation of biological research, spanning from machine learning method development in active learning, to small molecule portfolio optimization, to laboratory automation of mammalian cell culture and microscopy. As a Lane Fellow, Rumi worked to develop machine learning methods to understand how the cell organizes, marshals, and coordinates transient cytoplasmic structures.

Rumi received his B.S. in Computational Biology and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University.