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Poorya Hosseini


Poorya Hosseini is an associate at Flagship Pioneering, working as part of a team of entrepreneurial scientists to conceive, create, resource and develop the next generation of Flagship’s first-in-category ventures. He joined the firm after completing the 2017 Flagship Fellows Program. With training in several engineering disciplines and research at the interface of biology and physical sciences, Poorya brings a unique, multidisciplinary perspective to Flagship.

Prior to joining the firm, Poorya completed his doctoral studies at MIT, where his work led to nearly 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and one book chapter. Poorya’s thesis work at MIT focused on the development of advanced label-free imaging techniques for studying biophysical properties of cells and tissues. In collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, he led clinical studies to use these technologies for drug screening in sickle cell patients, publishing the results in Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Poorya has received several awards for his academic work, including the Edison Award for Impactful Research at MIT and the Iranian-American Medical Association’s Young Investigator Award for his work on anemic disorders. In addition to his scientific and entrepreneurial focus, Poorya is deeply interested in the broader factors that drive an entrepreneurial ecosystem, including private equity and public policy.

In addition to receiving his Ph.D. from MIT, Poorya completed his Master’s at McGill University, where he conducted applied research to enhance the energy efficiency of mills in the mining industry.