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Maier Avendaño

Senior Associate

Maier joined Flagship as an associate after completing the firm's Fellows Program and consulting at the firm on several Flagship Labs companies in development. At Flagship, Maier conducts explorations to discover unexplored biological mechanisms and new biotechnologies. As part of a team of entrepreneurial scientists, he develops the science, intellectual property and business strategy that form the foundation of the firm’s breakthrough startups.

With a diverse range of science training, Maier brings to Flagship multidisciplinary expertise across microbiology, bioengineering, biophysics and math. Prior to joining Flagship, he received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and completed his post-doctoral fellowship at the Wyss Institute under Dr. Peng Yin. Maier’s graduate work focused on highly-advanced imaging technologies, and his research has the potential to change the ways scientists make biomedical discoveries and conduct digital pathology. Maier’s graduate research was supported by several competitive fellowships, including a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Pre-doctoral Fellowship.

Maier is the inventor of several patents and has been published in journals including Nature Communications and Nature Methods. He received the Medal of Honor Alejandro Ángel Escobar en Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales from the Fundación Alejandro Ángel Escobar. Maier has also been named to the “Latino 30 under 30” by El Mundo Boston and to the Technology Review’s MIT TR35 of “Most Important Innovators under 35 in Colombia.”

Beyond his interdisciplinary training in the sciences, Maier also has a great passion for education. In 2015 he co-founded Clubes de Ciencia Colombia, an educational program that expands access to high-quality STEM education for youth in Latin America. Maier has led this program since its founding.

In addition to his Ph.D. from Harvard University, Maier completed a M.Sc. degree in biological sciences and a B.Sc in Microbiology at the Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia.