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Julian Pozniak


Julian Pozniak works as the front desk receptionist and office coordinator at Flagship Pioneering. His responsibilities include greeting incoming visitors, managing the stock of office and kitchen supplies, and ordering catering for company functions. He guarantees that the office continues to move fluidly and efficiently, as well as providing a hospitable environment for Flagship’s external guests.

Julian also serves on Flagship’s sustainability committee, working to enhance and improve Flagship’s environmental policies and reducing its carbon footprint.

Before coming to Flagship, Julian earned his Master’s degree in Composition from the New England Conservatory of Music. Outside of Flagship, Julian actively composes new music for instrumental and vocal ensembles, including string quartets, piano sonatas, and orchestral works.

Julian greatly enjoys working at a fast-pace environment like Flagship, getting to interact on a regular basis with intelligent and energetic people with diverse and impressive backgrounds.