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Jonathan Schwartz

CEO-Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Invaio Sciences

Jonathan Schwartz joined Flagship Pioneering as CEO-Partner in December 2022. He is also CEO and a board member at Invaio Sciences, a company bringing the technologies behind precision medicine to plant health. Jonathan brings an impressive track record in building technology-enabled businesses to scale. His career spans both technology systems and health care, and he has led companies through mergers, acquisitions, and financings.

Prior to joining Invaio, Jonathan was president and CEO of CareZone, a digital health company that helped millions of individuals and families manage complex medications, paired with a nationwide network of dispensing pharmacies. Under his leadership, CareZone grew to support over 4 million users prior to its sale to Walmart in 2020.

He previously served as CEO and board member of Sun Microsystems, Inc. prior to its acquisition by Oracle Corp. in 2010. During his tenure at Sun, he helped lead the development and distribution of the Java platform, acquired and accelerated the evolution of the mySQL database, drove open-source distribution across Sun’s IP portfolio, and pioneered the evolution of on-demand processor pricing, now the core of cloud computing.

Jonathan was also the founder, president and CEO of Lighthouse Design, a software company acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1996, before which he began his career with McKinsey & Company. He has degrees in Pure Mathematics and Economics from Wesleyan University.