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John Casey

Senior Associate

John Casey joined Flagship Pioneering in 2015 as an associate after completing the firm's Fellows program. At Flagship, John works as part of a venture creation team, exploring innovative ideas and opportunities, and developing critical scientific and business components that will lead to the firm’s next breakthrough startups.

Before joining Flagship, John earned his doctorate in biological engineering in Angela Belcher’s lab at MIT, where he designed and developed thermostable de novo enzymes on viral capsid proteins. His work led to a collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry to develop cleaner, more versatile manufacturing processes.

John was an active contributor to Boston’s entrepreneurial community while a graduate student. As associate director for MIT’s $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, he partnered with local and national businesses to raise the competition’s six-figure annual budget. He developed a new prototyping contest with increased resources and direct support for student entrepreneurs. He subsequently served as Chair of the $100K’s board of directors. Additionally, John was a communication fellow in the Biological Engineering Department and served as the biotechnology editor for the MIT Entrepreneurship Review.

John received his B.S. in biological engineering from Louisiana State University, where he was a Goldwater Scholar and named the top graduating student in his class. His thesis research explored site-specific oligonucleotide modifications. John was active in LSU’s Student Government, president of the campus Habitat for Humanity chapter, and a co-founder and president of an organization for Mandarin Chinese speakers.