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Frances Anastassacos


Frances Anastassacos joined Flagship Pioneering after completing the firm's 2018 summer fellowship program. As part of Flagship's team of entrepreneurial scientists, Frances works across the life cycle of emerging ventures, including exploration of new opportunities, launching new start-ups, and innovation within existing companies in the Flagship ecosystem.

Prior to joining Flagship, Frances was a graduate student and Onassis Scholar at Harvard University and the Wyss Institute where she developed methods for using intricate DNA-origami based nanoparticles as therapeutic entities. During this time, Frances’s work resulted in publication in several peer-reviewed journals, a pending patent, and a Harvard Innovation award. In addition to her research, Frances participated in multiple entrepreneurship activities and led fundraising efforts for multiple science-centric outreach programs.

Before graduate school, Frances worked as an analyst in life sciences consulting in London, UK and as a researcher at the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, Switzerland. In addition to her PhD, Frances completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews with first class honors. During this time, she also spent a semester at Harvard working in the synthetic biology sphere.